My Own Patterns

Sometimes I like to really let the creative juices flow and I create my own patterns.  A lot of times, the patterns are based off of photos I have taken and want to recreate in fabric, or just use as a basis for a graphic interpretation of the photograph.  I love using the piecing techniques of Ruth B. McDowell and have used her techniques in several of these quilts.  

"The August Sun"

circa 2012
This is a quilt based on a photograph I took.  The quilt is machine pieced and quilted. There is no applique here at all. This is a shot of the quilt top only. 
I entered the quilt in the Boulder County Fair and took a Grand Champion.  This was my first time entering a quilt of mine in any kind of competition, so I was quite surprised to win that top of an honor. 

The finished quilt on display at the fair.  The quilt to the right is also a quilt I made.  It's hanging in the wrong direction, but they did that for space reasons.  It is a hand pieced, hand quilted wall quilt.  It took a reserve grand champion in the competition.

"Pressing Flowers in Newspaper"

circa 2015

This quilt was made as part of a quilting challenge for the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. Again, I used a photograph as the basis of the quilt, then created the pattern and machine pieced and quilted the wall quilt.  It measures 25" square.  

Here's another one of my own patterns, spurred by my enjoyment of snowflakes and the graphic design aspect of simplifying images.  I made this one a few years ago, and it reappears every holiday season to usher in winter...

"Snowflakes are Falling"
circa 2013

The quilt is pieced all using the Ruth B. McDowell technique. Can you tell I just love that technique? 

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